About The IL

The objectives for establishing the IL:

1 - Teaching English language courses in the preparatory year at various colleges and at the university branches in the five provinces (Haqel, Taima and Dhiba , Al-Wajh and Omluj ) .

2 – Preparing students for International English language proficiency tests.

3 – Cooperating with international universities in the field of exchanging experiences, such as inviting well-experienced university English professors from the most prestigious universities in the world to teach at Tabuk University.

4 - Administering English language placement test to students admitted to the graduate programs at the university.

5 - Cooperating with community centers and public and private institutions. In such an event, the center will administer English language courses that will benefit their employees.

6 – Promoting the English language level of students; That's why the center will work on the development of electronic language laboratories.

7 - Seeking to improve the English language level of the local community.

8 - Computerizing many of the English language exams which, in turn, would make results fast and impartial.

9 - Attracting qualified professionals and encouraging faculty members to work on translations.

10- Showing full cooperation with all university departments under its specialization.

11- Encouraging the university and the local community to have access to the cultures of other nations through learning the English language which is widely used all over the world.

• The ELC Functions and Responsibilities

1- Building up a cadre of specialized English language faculty members to teach in the preparatory year at the university.

2- Developing the student's English language skills.

3- Fulfilling the labour market needs to specialized graduates through matching the center's outcomes with the labour market needs.

4- Preparing students intellectually to be able to read and write academic English.

5- Empowering students and the ELC staff members to offer counseling services to the community and the university if required.

6- Providing specialized English language courses.

7- Enhancing the students' talents in the English language and encouraging them to do translation.

8- Authoring contemporary English language textbooks.

9- Helping the local community engage in translating from and into English.

10- Composing, designing and reviewing programs in the English language.