"A distinguished faculty in Engineering Education, innovative research, and the knowledge-based economy, both locally and internationally."


"To graduate qualified engineers in accordance with the International Academic Standards and prepare them to meet the changing needs of society. These graduates will be able to compete locally and internationally. The Faculty of Engineering 7 is committed to providing excellent education and pursuing relevant scientific research and partnership with industry and governmental societies"


• Quality and excellence.

• Teamwork.

• Creativity and innovation.

• Transparency and accountability.

• Initiative and productivity.

• Loyalty and belonging.

• Honesty and respect.

• Leadership and responsibility.

• Community responsibility.


The strategic objectives of the Faculty of Engineering are:

 1. To deliver distinguished academic education that meets the needs of the labor market.

 2. Providing creative research to contribute to building the knowledge economy of society

 3. Effective involvement to sustainable development and community service.

 4. Offer a stimulating and attractive learning environment.

 5. Develop an effective administrative and organizational environment in the college.

 6. Providing innovative financing sources.