Training on sewing work for wounds by peremptory status of each patient - Training on the installation of a urinary catheter for a man and a female through simulation devices. - Training on examination of all breast tumors, both benign tumors and malignant. - Training about eye diseases. - Training the Ear disease. - Training on the rescue operation patients in emergency situations such as choking oral foreign body, or cardiac arrest. - Drawing on some devices for the tests in hospitals. Training to withdraw blood samples. - Training on venous catheter for patients. - Training to give infusions and muscle insulin under the skin.


Mohamed Nour

Assistant Professor

habes khaled albzoor

Specialist Clinical Skills


Medical education

Our Medical School in Tabuk University implemented a Hybrid System Based undergraduate medical curriculum started in the academic year in ( 2009 ) .Our curriculum will promote a more holistic approach to medical education and will lay a strong foundation for life-long continuing education. This will enhance the quality of medical education that we provide so that our students can be better prepared to meet the challenges of medical practice in this new millennium. It becomes imperative then that we need to strategies, plan, coordinate and monitor our on-going educational program and, for purposes of quality assurance, to continually appraise their effectiveness through rigorous evaluation of the input, process and outcome of the combination of pedagogical strategies that we have employed


Was established clinical skills lab in 1430 in order to facilitate the students and train them on simulation devices as if they were in patients with Hospitel.