Chairman's Message



In fact marketing is one of the important areas for all kinds of small and large organizations, local and international fields, and for different levels of management, and for all activities whether industrial, commercial or service. The importance of marketing reflects the fact that a large proportion of the workforce in the business sector engage in marketing activities, including product planning, sales, trade, promotion, e-marketing, e-commerce, marketing research, marketing consulting, feasibility studies, customer service and others.

The marketing department has been established to meet the increasing demand of students who wish to study this specialization and to meet the needs and desires of the business establishments in the labor market of graduates in this field to work in the public and private sectors. The marketing plan has been developed to include a variety of courses, to support Students of the department to understand the modern marketing concepts and develop their marketing skills and applications to be able to meet the challenges of the 21st century and deal effectively with the latest developments in the labor market in general and the Saudi labor market specially.

The department seeks to attract a number of distinguished faculty members to improve the educational process in the department. The department focuses on its plans and programs to achieve the highest standards of quality. The department is currently working with the rest of the academic departments in the College of Business Administration to obtain the academic accreditation locally and internationally.


Prof. Abdelmawjoud Abdullah Abuhamada

Head of marketing department