Academic Plan

A bachelor's degree in marketing specialization from the Faculty of Business Administration is awarded to those who receive a cumulative rate of at least 2.0 out of 5, after passing the number (133) Credit hours successfully distributed as follows: * University requirements 20 hours, * Requirements of literary and administrative faculties 17 hours, * 30-hour College requirements, * Mandatory requirements of 45 hours specialization, * Optional requirements from within 6 hours specialty, * Optional requirements outside 9 hours specialization * 6 hours free hours, Total 133 credit hours.


Mr. Ibrahim Shabbaj

Mr. Ibrahim Shabaj earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration-marketing specialization in 2012 from King Abdulaziz University.n here....

Mr. Awad Al-Balawi

Assistant at the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Tabuk


Computer & IT Lab

The computer lab fits up to 25 users, and is equipped with the latest hardware and software. The lab is used to teach many of the courses in the marketing department including: computer marketing applications, marketing research, and few others.

Important Questions

Employment opportunities for the graduates of the marketing specialty are diverse and include many job titles such as:

-Sales Specialist

-Marketing Research Specialist

-Public relations Specialist

-Product Development Specialist

-Pricing Specialist

-Distribution and logistics specialist

-Advertising and promotion specialist

The minimum cumulative rate required to graduate with a bachelor's degree in marketing specialization is 2 out of 5.