Activities & Event

The Department of Management at the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Tabuk in cooperation with student activities on Monday 14/10/2019 in the College of training class, the second courses of student activities, through the provision of a training course entitled self -skill for graduates of the College of Business Administration (CV writing) presented by Dr. Osman Taj Alser where Dr. Osman focused on the skill of writing a resume and what information should be included and what are the most important advice to follow and what are the common mistakes.
At the end of training session biography he gave practical case to CV writin


The Department of Management at the College of Business Administration inaugurated on Sunday 13/10/2019 the first programs of student activities through a training course entitled (Management in the management of small projects) presented by Dr. Hani Abdo, where Dr. Hani Abdo talked about the importance of management and what are small projects and what is the the difference between small projects and other major projects and what are the criteria for defining small enterprises.

He also gave the students number of institutions that support small projects  financially in Saudi Arabia

As part of the advanced training programs and in the belief of the role of academic guidance in the College, the Department of Management at the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Tabuk educated students with academic guidance and in cooperation with the student activity, Khalid Almusallam gave a lecture entitled (How to succeed in your academic life) at the Knowledge Hall on Tuesday 15/10/2019 focused on the difficulties faced by the university student and how to overcome them through the identification of goals and priorities efficiently and effectively were provided some advice on how to organize time between the student's life inside and outside the university and also was addressed to judgment in the positive and negative energy and its relationship with friends and the scientific way to use the five senses in strengthening the learning process and memorization. At the end of the lecture, a detailed explanation was provided on the method of calculating the average rate and the cumu