Academic Plan

A bachelor's degree in the Management specialization from the Faculty of Business Administration is awarded to those who receive a cumulative rate of at least 2.0 out of 5, after passing the number (133) Credit hours successfully distributed as follows: * University requirements 20 hours, * Requirements of literary and administrative faculties 17 hours, * 30-hour College requirements, * Mandatory requirements of 45 hours specialization, * Optional requirements from within 6 hours specialty, * Optional requirements outside 9 hours specialization * 6 hours free hours, Total 133 credit hours.

  • The decision of appoint Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Juhani as Head of the Department of Management
  •  Appointment of Dr. Majed Al-Solami Vice dean for development, quality and academic accreditation.
  •  Launching the Human Resources Management Program in the Department of Management in the first semester of the academic year 1441.
  • Launching the master's programs in Business Administration MBA.


IT Lab

The computer lab has a capacity of 25 users, the laboratory is equipped with the latest hardware and software and is used to teach many of the courses of the Management department such as managerial applications using the computer and Quantitative Methods. The purpose of using the lab is to link the practical issues applied in the managerial field using the computer where the student is taught how to perform several managerial functions using different softwares such as MS EXCEL, MS ACCESS, MS WORD, and MS PowerPoint.


Dr. Hani Saeed Abdo

Dr. Hani is one of the most distinguished and active professors in the department. He currently holds the position of Associate professor.

Mr. Khaled Al-Musallam

Mr. Khalid Al-Musallam received his MBA in management from Latrob University, Australia, and after returning back home he was assigned with supervising and coordinating the preparatory year at the Faculty level in addition to entrusting him with the secretariat of the Board of Department.