Vision and Mission

Objectives of the Department

A Speech of the Head of Languages and Translation Department

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon Prophet Mohammed, The Seal of Prophets and Messengers.

The Department of Languages ??and Translation (English Program) is one of the biggest departments at the University College of Umluj. The Department has three main tracks: First: The Linguistic Track focuses on all the linguistic aspects of English such as Grammar, Phonetics, Linguistics, etc... aiming to produce a graduate who is able to make good and effective use of English. Second: The Literary Track focuses on genres of English and American literatures like poetry, drama, novel and short story, as well as theoretical and practical literary criticism. This track helps students to be acquainted with different cultures and to expand their horizons in dealing with the Other. Third: The Translation Track is an effective means of transferring knowledge and cultures among peoples. The department aims at producing a graduate who has a good command of translating different texts in all fields. In conclusion, I pray Allah, the Almighty, to grant success to students of Languages ??and Translation Department.

 Dr / Drar Abdel Moneim

Head of Languages ??and Translation Department

About the Department

The Department of Languages ??and Translation at Umluj University College was established in the female campus in the academic year 1430/1431, and it was opened in the male campus in the academic year 1434/1435. The vision of the department is to be a distinctive educational, cognitive and research-based department in the field of the English language, English literature and translation, contributing to community service.The department seeks leadership and excellence in accordance with the standards of quality and academic accreditation to contribute to the construction of a knowledge society and scientific research. The mission of the department is to provide a distinctive educational and research environment that contributes to the preparation of graduates qualified with knowledge and capabilities in the field of English language, English literature and translation. Those graduates will enrich scientific research, and fulfill the needs of the local labor market. There are currently 22 teaching staff members in the department (in the male and female campuses). The head of the department is Dr. Drar Abdul-Moneim (Since 2014 – until now).