dean message

The university library Derived their existence and objectives from the university itself, and thus their  objectives are  the university objectives itself , and a library  message part of the  university  message itself  that concentrated in education, research and community service, The library at the University is like the heart  of  it  , as it  providing services to students of different stages and faculty and surrounding community . And whether the university has many machines serve the purposes of education and research, there is no device more closely related to academic programs and research of the University such as the library and there is no device directly served by such library as well.
the Deanship of Library Affairs at the University of Tabuk  trying hard to serve the educational goals and research of the University, through the provision of all requirements of the building of modern university libraries, and acquisition of the latest types and formats of information sources, and organize it depending on the international  cataloging criteria, and depending on  the latest technological developments in the construction of university libraries, with  providing many of traditional and non-traditional services to meet all information needs of all university users  with different specialties and needs.
the Deanship of Library Affairs  achieved in this short period many achievements by the continued support of  the Rector of the University and His Excellency the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, I therefore take this opportunity to thank them special thanks for their interest in the development libraries sector at the University of Tabuk to cope with recent changes and rapid in the field of libraries and information.