Vision & Mission


To establish the university into a digital society of high quality at the local level of Information Technology Centers.


Providing the latest technology, digital management, academic system and the way of communication via the electronic services at the university for members, administration, technician, and the students to achieve the aspiration of the university.


1-Creating the necessary infrastructure to achieve the highest rate in the quality of information.
2-Putting the future strategic plan to the Unit.
3-Linking the colleges ,deans, and administration to a computer network to provide internet and
   e-mail services.
4- To achieve quality in the processing of data through modern technologies.
5- To contribute to qualify and train all the university employees
    ( university staff members, administrators, technician , students) to master the use of
    computer and electronic , through courses and the latest teaching methods as well as modern laboratories.
6- Provide access to the latest development provide the necessary requirements in accordance with
    the regulation and instructions.
7- To cooperate with Saudi Universities exchange services and technical consultation.
8- Provide cooperation of other developments to take advantage of their experience and
     exchange information.

9- The establishment of effective communication channels between faculty members at the colleges and
    students to master applications to use Information Technology in all their field.
10- The contribution to the adoption of the university's resolutions to provide information ,statistics, accurate
       data ,and the necessary studies.
11-To communicate with the government and private sectors to provide training programs to labor market.