About Deanship



The Deanship of Graduate studies was founded in 1/12/1439 Hijri by a decree from His Excellency the Rector of the University. The Deanship started, since its foundation, to erect the basic foundations of a successful work environment and design the necessary forms to facilitate its work. The Deanship managed to start new programs in different scientific fields including Teaching Methods, Management and Educational Planning, Clinical Psychology and Mathematics. These programs started from the academic year 1430/1431 Hijri and were developed to reach 8 academic programs. The College of Education and Arts introduces seven of these programs as the following:

1- MA in Hadith.

2- MA in Quran Interpretation and Studies.  

3- MA in Clinical Psychology.

4- MA in Arabic Language.

5- Master in Education – Assessment and Evaluation.

6- Master in Education – Education Basics.

7- Master in Education – Management and Educational Planning.

8- Master in Education – Methodology and Teaching Methods.

9- Master in Special Education.

10- Master in Mathematics.

11- MSc – Information Security.

12- Master in Business Administration.


The Deanship of Graduate Studies aims at starting new programs in executive and vocational fields such as Masters in Business Administration and Information Security. The Deanship also aims to establish academic cooperation and partnership with all the prestigious academic institutions that work under an umbrella of clear plans and strategies. The cooperation and partnership will include both the colleges and deanships of the university and other national and regional universities to benefit from their experiences and legacy. 

The Deanship of Graduate studies had many deans since its foundation. Those deans include the following:

1- HE. Dr. Owaid H. Al-Atawi – 1430-1431H.

2- HE. Dr. Mohammad Al-Juhani – 1431-1432H.

3- HE. Dr. Atiah M. Al-Atawi – 1432- 1434H.

4- HE. Dr. Jamal H. Madani – 1434 – 1435H.

5- HE. Dr. Mohammad A. Aseeri – 1435 – 1438H.

6- HE. Dr. Ahmad S. AL-Masuudi – 1438 – Present.