About The Deanship
The organizational plan for training programs
Vision : to present featured services in the field of education , training and qualification on both local and regional level .
The community service and continuing education deanship endeavors to achieve an educational , training and consultative environment that is to be distinct , developmental and able to compete locally and regionally.  
Aims :
To present a platform in the field of continuing education, training , and consultation ( in a form of diplomas and educational programs that is suitable for the community demands ).
Give  consultations in the academic, and vocational field for different institutions and the bodies of the community.
To contribute in spreading knowledge , and Raising Public Awareness of Science and Technology.
 To achieve an effective partnership with community organizations .
To communicate with universities , academic institutions and vocational centers at local, regional and global levels.
Support educational and training activities that serve the university and the region community.