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عند إشراقة شمس يوم الثالث والعشرين من شهر سبتمبر تجول بالذاكرة ذكرى حبيبة على نفوسنا جميعاً



Circulation for internal use

27. 11. 2014


The Administration director

The supervisor of the Computer Science department

The supervisor of the Administration Science

The supervisor of the Medical Assistant Science

The supervisor of the Basic Studies and Science



It has been noticed after the hours that some offices and their lights and computers were left open and running. This act exposes the properties for fire or even being stolen.

According to article number 17 of governmental inventory and stock control, and according to pervious circulation of higher ups in regard to same issue, please be advised of the following:

Keeping all offices and all office ware materials safe and in a good shape is the responsibility of whoever uses them. Make sure to close doors, shut the lights and PCs before leaving.

I urge everybody to be aware of this notice and cooperate with one another to keep the governmental properties safe.


Best Regards,


                                                                                                                                Dean of Community College


                                                                                                                                Dr. Fahad Almutairi 

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حصلت د. سامية حبيب تلمودي الأستاذ المساعد في قسم علوم الحاسب بكلية المجتمع بجامعة تبوك على جائزة التميز في التعليم الالكتروني للعام 2017م