The academic affairs committee prepares timetable for all classes for male as well as female sections. The committee prepares all statistics for academic loads for faculty members prepare for meetings and workshops and is considered as contact point with all other universities and research centers nationally and internationally. Also it concerns about all related academic and culture affairs.

Effective contribution in achieving the mission of the College and developed in accordance with domestic and international standards and training of faculty members and their assistants to achieve the highest level of educational attainment

Aimed at the Academic Advising the college to provide support and assistance to academic and non-academic, to prepare students have personalities integrated, able to make sound decisions regarding the choice of their field of study, and their future careers, and active participation within the university community and outside, insured values of loyalty and good citizenship.

interested in this committee draw the plans, policies and objectives of the accreditation the college and providing support to departments to communicate with the accreditation bodies of local, regional and international and the definition of faculty rules and procedures necessary to obtain programs of departments of the Faculty on Academic Accreditation and the pursuit mistake fixed to do it locally and globally, and completion of all necessary actions to obtain so

Aimed at the student activity on the development of students' skills in the framework of principles and Islamic values and invest in the implementation of activities and care for the development of their abilities and talents to gain access to creativity and innovation and the creation of all the possibilities and ways to that and work on the development of hobbies and energies of literary and cultural rights of students and develop the artistic talents of different students and increase their level consistent with the objectives of the High Commissioner and the organization of movement detection aspects of Activity and guidance on the scientific basis and in accordance with the principles and publish and promote the formation of households, cooperative societies and student support activities.