The Community College, which has separate branches for females and males, was established in accordance with the cabinet decision number 33 (issued on 18/2/1418).The approval to establish three community colleges in Tabuk, Hail and Jazan was included within the cabinet's decision. This decision has paved the course of higher education in Saudi Arabia due to its introduction of new patterns for higher education. This introduction has been launched to secure the specialized academic and technical majors which positively affect all fields of life within the continuously developing Kingdom. It has become obvious that traditional education systems have fallen short of keeping up with the modern technical and scientific innovations in all aspects of life. Such traditional systems did not succeed in shouldering their responsibilities in a fast changing world characterized by dominance of science and technology. Hence, those traditional educational and academic institutions have undergone a speedy process of change and development by the officials in charge in an attempt to improve their performance and increase their efficiency.