Peer to Peer Teaching


Peer to Peer teaching is an activity in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tabuk where students are involved in teaching their peers a particular topic. This is a supervised initiative managed by the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Medicine. There are multiple benefits of this method of teaching, some of which include

> The concept is based on the fact that learning is reinforced by teaching others

> It promotes direct interaction between students

> Students are more at ease among each other and can interact better for better understanding

> Students develop a team building spirit

> Students involved in teaching develop their communication skills and become more confident


Students willing to join this initiative are requested to contact the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Faculty of Medicine.




Contact Details:

Dr. Khalid Alhazmi

MBBS, DES (Path), DESC (Dermatopath)

Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs, 

Faculty of Medicine

University of Tabuk

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia