Ninth Meeting of the Committee of Deans of the Faculty of Medicine, Saudi Arabia

Held this morning Wednesday, 29/04/1431 e Sahara Hotel in Tabuk, the ninth meeting of the committee of deans of medical schools in the Kingdom, after welcoming the inauguration of the work of the Commission by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Tawfiq Ghabra, was to discuss some topics where the Committee began its follow-up to the decisions of the record previously discussed the results of the committee charged with selecting specifications graduates of medical colleges in Saudi universities, followed by a discussion of what has been achieved regarding the proposed construction of a joint bank of questions for the faculties of medicine, what has been accomplished on the contract for the provision of advisory services to the Ministry of Higher Education by the Committee, the Committee also discussed the latest developments on the Saudi forthcoming International Conference (SIMEC 2010), the Committee concluded its discussions and the recommendation that the requirement of a hospital for clinical training for each medical school emerging (public or private) and capacity commensurate with the students, according to enumerate the standards adopted globally.