About College

Been approved by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Prime Minister

and Council of Higher Education - God save him - the minutes of the

Council for Higher Education in session (third session) held on 10/5/1427

AH, the guidance wire Karim No. 6204 / m b as of 18/08/1427 e has the

record to ensure approval of the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine

in Tabuk region under Resolution No. 5/43/1427.

Has been accepted as the first batch of students with the beginning of the

academic year 1428 / 1429, were accepted the first batch of students

with the beginning of the academic year 1429 / 1430.

Has been the praise of God the completion of processing of all laboratory

related to course material such as plant tissue, plant pathology, plant

biochemistry, plant microbiology, and plant physiology, in addition to the

building of the morgue, which includes a large hall of the anatomy and

view samples of various parts of the human body (plastic and natural

treatment), in addition to laboratory skills anatomical three-dimensional,

laboratory and clinical skills.

The Faculty has a number of faculty members who do the teaching

materials of scientific and practical for students in both its male and female

The college offers bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery after the

completion of six years of schooling successfully at the rate of 282 credit

hours, followed by years spent training in graduate clinical training years is

called a privilege and privilege under the name of a doctor