Third Monthly Research Seminar

Third Monthly Research Seminar.

16. 02. 2017

          The Faculty of Medicine organized the Third Monthly Research Seminar. The event is organized jointly by the Vice-Deanship for Graduate Studies and Research, and The Department of Medical Education. It aims is to give medical researchers an opportunity to present their projects and encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas. In his speech, Dr. Abdullah Al-Huwetti, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Medicine, said that a research conducive environment is a top priority of the Faculty. He appreciated the continuous participation of colleagues from other faculty and intern doctors and students in presenting their work. Dr. Tanveer, Head of the Department of Medical Education said in the future the seminar will like to continue with colleagues from other faculties, universities and industry. Dr. Mohammed of Clinical Bio-Chemistry presented his research project. Dr. Hyder Osman of Internal Medicine talked about his project on sleep disorder in diabetes mellitus patients. Today’s guest researcher was Dr. Zahid Siddiqui from Faculty of Science who talked about Cancer treatment. Two 6th year student presented their research proposal at the end on Diabetes.