About Faculty

Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tabuk. Established in 2006 G (1427 H), the University of Tabuk is a relatively new institution located in the Northern region of the Kingdom. The inception of this University was an outcome of the vision of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques which ensured that the residents of all regions of this Kingdom have access to equal educational opportunities.

The Faculty of Medicine was established in 2007 G (1428 H) with the explicit objective of preparing the physicians of tomorrow to serve the local community and that of the Kingdom. The Faculty started with a cohort of 30 male students who were admitted into the program in 2007 G (1428 H) and in year 2008 G (1429 H), we admitted our first cohort of 30 female students.

The Faculty of Medicine's male campus is located in the University City; a 12 million square meter university campus that is presently under construction. The Female campus is located in downtown Tabuk in a new state-of-the-art facility. The Faculty of Medicine currently occupies transitional facilities that have been purpose built to meet the requirements of medical education. It is anticipated that we will move into our permanent state-of-the-art facilities, which are presently under construction in year 2012 G (1433 H).

While our immediate commitment is regional, our vision is global. The Faculty of Medicine is committed to continue to fortify and improve our healthcare services by educating and training highly skilled physicians. This is reflected in the innovative design of our medical curriculum, which has been developed in collaboration with the University of Queensland, College of Medicine. Our most qualified faculty use cutting-edge instructional methodology, which are continuously evaluated and modified through our existing collaboration with Monash University. The Faculty of Medicine also has existing collaboration with the University of Sydney to develop an electronic platform for the delivery of instructional material and an exam bank for timely assessment of our students. We are currently exploring opportunities for affiliations with selected healthcare facilities in North America, which would allow our faculty and students to further their education and training in some of the best centers in the world.

While our 400-bed secondary and tertiary hospital is under construction, the Faculty of Medicine has established affiliations with the North West Armed Forces Hospital and with the King Khalid Civil Hospital in Tabuk. Our clinical faculty has privileges to practice at these sites and our medical students in years 4, 5 and 6 complete their required clinical rotations at these hospitals. We are very privileged to have had these two outstanding hospitals affiliated with our program and to afford our faculty and students the opportunity to participate in the clinical care of patients from our region.

We are setting the new standard for medical education in the Kingdom and hope to serve as a harbinger of change in this region.