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    KHALID HASSAN SALIM ALHAZMI Nationality: Saudi Contact No. +966 55 206 3774 Languages: Arabic :Native / English: Excellent / French : Excellent Address : Tabuk University -Pathology department E-mail : Tabuk , Saudi Arabia


    A Board qualified doctor who received MBBS from king abdulaziz university (KAAU) in Jeddah, DES in anatomical pathology and DESC in Dermatopathology from Université Paris Descartes in Paris. I am very interested in dermatopathology with active participation in conferences, symposia, research and clinical teaching.




    2005 : MBBS, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery KAAU. ? 2005 : BLS Provider. ? 2005 : Saudi Council for Medical Specialties. ? 2005 : ATLS Provider. ? 2006 : Internship certificate. ? 2009 : Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE). ? 2011 : Diplôme of French language DELF B2. ? 2016 : DES in anatomical pathology from Université Paris Descartes in Paris. ? 2017 : DESC in Dermatopathology from Université Paris Descartes in Paris. ? 2017 : University diploma of dermatopathology from Université Paris-Est-Créteil-Val-de-Marne. ? 2017 : University diploma of Quality Assurance in Pathology from Université Paris Descartes in Paris.


    ? October 2004 : Neuro-radiology Review ? July 2003 : Leadership course. ? December 2004 : Neurological Emergencies Review Course ? July 2005 : The House officer Orientation Program. ? December 2004 : Update in surgical disease in KSA. ? December 2005 : Trauma course. ? April 2006 : Surgery Update Symposium. ? January 2007 : Basic surgical skills workshop. ? April 2007 : Wound management course. ? March 2007 : Essential Evidence Based Foundation Course. ? May 2007 : Venous Thrombo-embolism Symposium. ? January 2009 : Cytopathology Review and Self Assessment Workshop. ? March 2009 : 5th Clinical Research Methodology Course for Beginners. ? May 2012 : 35es ASSISES DE PATHOLOGIE, Saint-Malo, France. ? November 2012 : Carrefour Pathologie 2012, Paris. ? March 2013 : 3ème Journée des Pathologistes des CH, Paris. ? November 2013 : Carrefour Pathologie 2013, Paris. ? May 2014 : 37es ASSISES DE PATHOLOGIE, Avignon, France. ? November 2014 : Carrefour Pathologie 2014, Paris. ? November 2015 : Carrefour Pathologie 2015, Paris. ? December 2015 : Les Journées Dermatologiques de Paris 2015. ? December 2016 : Les Journées Dermatologiques de Paris 2016. ? April 2017 : Annual Update In Dermatopathology 2017, London. ? April 2018 : Annual Update In Dermatopathology 2018, London. ? December 2018 : 4 Essential Roles of Leadership, FranklinCovey, Tabuk, KSA. ? March 2019 : 77th Annual Meeting of The American Academy of Dermatology's 2019, Washington, D.C. , USA. ? April 2019 : Research Ethics and Standards, By American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Tabuk, KSA

  • Participation in Educational Activity and Publication :

    o Participation in the study (2012): ERCC1, XRCC1 and GSTP1 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Survival of Patients with Colon Cancer Receiving Oxaliplatin-Based Adjuvant Chemotherapy. J Cancer. 2014 May 2;5(6):425-32. o Participation in the study (2015): Gene expression profiles in adipose tissue of cancer-bearing breasts differ from that of tumor-free breasts, AACR Annual Meeting 2016, April 16-20, 2016. o Participation in the clinical case: Lymphome B centrofolliculaire cutané primitif : à distinguer d'un infiltrat réactionnel et d'un lymphome folliculaire systémique, Images en Dermatologie / N° 1 février 2016. (Primary cutaneous centrofollicular B - lymphoma: to be distinguished from a reactive infiltrate and a systemic follicular lymphoma, Images in Dermatology / N ° 1 February 2016). o A poster to the 37th ASSISES DE PATHOLOGIE (May 2014) on a title: le carcinome adénoïde kystique de son, dans un cas avec une revue de la littérature (the cystic adenoid carcinoma of his, in a case with a review of the literature). o A poster at the Carrefour Pathologie 2014 on a title: Mesotheliome malin demoplastique, 13 cas de MMD ont été réexaminées au sein du service d’Anatomo-cyto-pathologie (ACP) du Centre hospitalier Intercommunal de Créteil (CHIC) afin d’en rappeler les critères et les pièges diagnostiques (Mesothelioma malin demoplastique, 13 cases of MMD were reviewed in the Anatomo-cyto-pathology (ACP) department of the Center hospitalier Intercommunal de Créteil (CHIC) criteria and diagnostic signes). o Skin manifestations in Whipple Disease: A case report and review of the literature (under publication) o Kyste trichilemmal proliférant : une présentation inhabituelle (Proliferating trichilemmal cyst: An unusual presentation, case report). Annal Dermatologie et de Vénéréologie, March 2017. o Club of dermatopathlogy at the Carrefour Pathologie 2016 : A propos d'un cas de vulvite granulomateuse et des questions que cette entité suscite (a case of idiopathic granulomatous vulvitis and questions on this dificult entity), A case report and review of the literature (august – 2018 in Annal Dermatologie et de Vénéréologie) o Assessment of the concordance rates between FISH HER2 in core needle biopsy and in surgical excision specimen in 19 cases of breast cancer with HER2 intratumoral heterogeneity (in the course of publication) o Study of the nature of mature adipose cells among the dermal melanocytes of nevi (nevi with fat cells) and review of the literature (under work). o Member of the Editorial Board of MedEdu Tabuk Newsletter, which is a Weekly Electronic Newsletter issued by the Faculty of Medicine of Tabuk University, to all health practitioners and all staffs and students of health colleges in the Tabuk region, ( o Member of the Editorial Board of Saudi Medical Journal for Students, which is a recent medical journal that is more interested in student research and publication, ( ISSN: 1658-8274 (Print version) and 1658-8282 (Electronic version).