College Depatrments

The Council of Higher education approved to establish the Department of Administration and Educational Planning early in 1430 H. It is a supporting department in programs of educational preparation for the bachelor level as well as programs of higher studies. The syllabi of the Department of Administration and Educational Planning were affiliated to the Department of Education and Psychology before the endorsement of establishing this department. Now the department is entitled to teach and develop these syllabi in the light of the policy of sustainable development that the university adopts. A further step was taken when the university council endorsed the M.A. program in administration and educational planning dated 25/1/1431H. The actual program started 1431/1432 H. for boys and girls.

People of special needs (handicapped or talented) need special kind of qualitative care that would help them acquire methods of positive adaptation with society, would develop their abilities and potentials to the utmost degree possible, and would benefit both themselves and their communities. People of special needs attracted increasing international attention and growing societal awareness which led to various educational institutions, governmental and civilian alike, whose responsibility is to care for them. With this conception in mind, a wide market has been held open before qualified specialists who would care for people of special needs, the fact that require universities to plan and carry out programs that lead to preparing that quality of specialists. With this conception in mind, The university of Tabuk has embarked on the process of establishing a department of Special Education at the Faculty of Education and Arts.

Department of Education and Psychology seeks to develop all academic programs associated with education and psychology on both levels: theoretical and practical. As a result, this sort of development is going to play a pivotal role in preparing and qualifying students in order for them to succeed in working in the fields of education and psychology, developing students' research skills, following up all innovations in their major, and adopting and maintaining the culture of society based on the sublime teachings of Islam. The Department seeks to contribute to community service in the fields of research, teaching, and psychological counseling and treatment. The department teaches its students the basics or the essentials of academic research and helping them acquire skills of experimentation, academic writing, and publishing.

The Department of Islamic Studies was founded in 1406 H. as one of the departments at Tabuk Teachers' College then affiliated to the Ministry of Education. A number of distinguished university professors have succeeded each other in assuming the chairmanship of the department. Afterwards, the department was deactivated for ten years. After the restructuring of Tabuk Teachers' College under the title the Faculty of Education and Arts, the department has acquired the title the Department of Islamic Studies including all branches of forensic sciences.

The Department of Languages and Translation was established in 1430/1431 H. as an extension of the Department of English that used to exist at Tabuk Teachers' College. The department acquired the new name of "Languages and Translation" with the process of restructuring both the Teachers' College and its various departments. Currently, the department offers courses in the English language only, but hopefully with expected future expansion, other divisions will be launched such as French and German. The department awards a bachelor's degree in English and translation, and students study various courses including linguistics, literature, translation, and other subjects associated with the English language and its literature and culture. In light of the department's vision and mission, the following objectives are targeted: 1.Developing students' linguistic abilities in English, particularly in the domain of translation from Arabic into English and vice versa. 2.Qualifying students and preparing them for careers in translation, interpretation, teaching, public relations, information and other fields that require mastery of the English language. 3.Opening students' eyes and directing their attention to the importance of learning foreign languages, particularly English, via introducing them to the miscellaneous aspects of the English language: its history, culture, social context …etc. 4.Qualifying younger calibers who have complete mastery of the English language and opening new vistas before them to upgrade their linguistic abilities as well as continue their investigation and research in the field of language and translation 5.Training our graduates in translation from Arabic to English and vice versa in the various contexts of the English language: literature, politics, journalism, science, religion, culture, economics …etc. 6.Serving the labor market by supplying it with first-rank English specialists in the various fields. The Department of Languages and Translation at the Faculty of Education and Arts is committed to achieving its vision and mission and carrying out its strategic objectives that can be summed up in three major domains: •offering quality education to its students •Undertaking academic research in the field of English language and its miscellaneous branches, thus enhancing the educational and academic experience of our students •Serving the local community of Tabuk region in particular and the Kingdom in general

The Department of Arabic Language used to be one of the principal departments at the then Teachers' College. After changing the name of Teachers' College to the Faculty of Education and Arts and after the newly-named college has been restructured by the start of the second semester of the academic year 1329/1430 H., the Department of the Arabic Language kept its name but with a total change in its content, i.e. developing its study plans and courses as well as accrediting its new Bachelor's Degree Program. It is worth mentioning the Department is considered one of the largest department at the Faculty of Education and Arts in terms of the number of the teaching staff members and students. The Department teaches all Arabic language courses in all its branches on all levels of Grammar, morphology, Prosody, Linguistics, Philology, Literature, Classical and modern Criticism, and all branches of Rhetoric. Staff members also contribute to the academic activities taking place at the College via giving general lectures on linguistic and literary topics. Additionally, regular seminars and workshops are held at the Department that concerns itself with all these important issues.

Department of Curricula and Teaching Methods is regarded as one of the supporting departments in the college. In addition, it provides the master program in curricula and general methodology for the purpose of preparing specialists in the fields of curricula and teaching methods from those students who get the bachelor degree in education or its equivalent.

Department of Educational Technology is concerned with the preparation of the specialists in the field of education technology, who are adequately able provide the technology services in distinctive way. In addition, the department provides the professional and specific services which the education sectors need inaccordance with the sought quality standards.