The Clinical Psychology Unit aspires to be an excellent example in implementing the knowledge of psychology in general and clinical psychology in particular for the well-being of individuals in order to help them achieve their full potentials in life.


The mission of Clinical Psychology Unit at the University of Tabuk is to support and provide training programs which are based on the Scientist-Practitioner model in teaching and training psychologists and promote and provide evidence-based psychosocial services for individuals facing one or more of various psychological difficulties.         


To lay solid foundations for graduate clinical training in psychology at the University of Tabuk.

To provide high quality training in psychological evaluation (personality measures, case study, intelligence and ability tests), diagnosis and psychotherapy for various disorders (depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating, sleep, behavioral problems of children & adolescents….etc), psychological symptoms associated with physical illnesses, especially chronic cases, emotional and behavioral difficulties related to inter-personal relations in families, schools, work-place..etc.

To provide opportunities, as can be afforded, to conduct controlled and epidemiological research pertinent to the profession of clinical psychology in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To undertake publications and translations of the clinical psychology materials for the benefit of citizens and mental health care workers in the kingdom.

To develop community service programs in prevention and general mental health care such as family resilience with regard to protection of children against drug use, delinquency and other antisocial behaviors.

Active participation in and support for specialized treatment programs designed for family safety, social care, prevention of substance abuse and other behavioral existing or anticipated problems.

Liaising with various social institutions such as schools, hospitals, courts, law enforcement agents, industrial and commercial organizations, to provide consultations, evaluations, skills training especially for direct health, commercial, legal and security services providers.

Designing specialized work environment programs for the university to enhance and improve performance by reducing stress and developing social skills.