Mathematics Club

The Mathematics Club was opened within the activities of the Math in Practice exhibition as a socio-cultural scientific club that includes math lovers at the University College of Umluj. The Mathematics Club was established at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 1436-1437.
The club aims to:
Create a relationship between mathematics lovers and harness their mathematical capabilities in order to work as bridges and other sciences
Create a suitable environment for highlighting numerical and numerical talent among college students
- Create an advisory and knowledge window that opens its doors for all math lovers
- Community service by preparing courses, lectures and workshops that reflect developments in mathematics and its applications
- It represents a bridge for communication between the department and its graduates through interaction with physical presence and virtual attendance
Among the most prominent current and future sports club activities:
1. Seminar entitled: “DEFFERNCEEQUATIONS” by Professor Esmaa Al-Ghamdi, first semester (1438-1439).
3. Seminar entitled Using WIQSB Technology to Solve Operations Research Problems by Focusing on Linear Programming Models
4. Training program on how to design the electronic test QUIZ MAKER
5. The calculator and its advanced applications
6. A lecture on digital technology and its relationship to image processing
7. A lecture on conical parts and their applications