Vision, Mission and Goals

  1. Vision


    Developing scientific and research activities of faculty members and their counterparts at the university; and upgrading the academic levels of these activities to reach a high rank among prestigious international universities.


    Following up the academic affairs of faculty members, scientific research, publication, and scientific promotion.


    - Developing relevant bylaws and regulations to contribute to the advancement of scientific research; raising the level of scientific research in terms of quality and quantity; and disseminating the culture of excellence in scientific performance.

    - Strengthening partnership between universities and various higher education sectors.

    - Strengthening partnership between the University and society.

    - Preserving the rights of faculty members who are affiliated with the Scientific Council.

    - Using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) effectively to facilitate and accelerate the Council's activities.

    Functions of the Administration of Scientific Council Affairs 

    - Preparing minutes of the meetings and submitting them to His Excellency the Rector for accreditation.

    - Receiving applications of faculty members related to scientific promotion.

    - Receiving and processing recruitment applications.

    - Preparing and sending letters to announce resolutions.

    - Following up the implementation of  bylaws and regulations concerning higher education, and resolutions issued in relation to the Scientific Council and the committees affiliated.

    - Preparing applications forms for faculty members related to the procedures of the Scientific Council.

    - Receiving the minutes of the meetings of the college boards and their subsidiary departments; and taking relevant action.

    - Receiving the minutes of meetings of committees of the Scientific Council; and taking relevant action.

    - Dealing with all that is received from His Excellency the Rector, and from the Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.