Duties of Administrative Communications


Receive all incoming transactions and record them in the system.

Export transactions and record them in the system.

Deliver the university administrative transactions.

Copy transactions and archive them.

Duties of the Budget Unit


The duty of the budget unit is to prepare the university budget project after collecting all the information from all the colleges and administrations in special forms according to what is in the plan for each year.

The budget has data about:

  • Manpower at the university which includes faculty members, administrators and technicians.
  • Estimated number of students: this includes expected numbers and actual numbers.
  • Budgets of new suggested colleges in the five-year plan.
  • Needs of new colleges (faculty members, administrative employees, furniture and buildings).
  • Operation and maintenance programs.
  • Daily items in the budgets.
  • Transfers between the articles of the budgets according to rules and regulations.
  • Communication with different ministries and relevant administrations (the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Higher Education).
  • Proposals of budgets plans submitted from different authorities in the university before including them in the university budget plan project.
  • Expenditure plans to allocate items, programs and projects of the four sections of the budget.
  • Following-up the expenditure plan of the budget according to financial approvals.
  • Preparing the financial condition of all the items of the budgets and paying attention to the items that need support.
  • Following-up the application of the different authorizations and supply contracts.
  • Following-up paying the loans before the end of the financial year.
  • Contributing to the closure of accounts and prepare for the final accounts.
  • Following-up with administrations from outside the university (Ministry of Finance – Ministry of Higher Education – Ministry of Economy and Planning).
  • Preparing the annual follow-up reports.

Duties of the Planning Unit


The planning unit is responsible for the following:

  • Coordinating with the budget unit to prepare for the annual plan project by supplying the necessary about the manpower and the students.
  • Updating the databases about the manpower at the university and those related to the administration.
  • Preparing the annual follow-up reports that are later submitted to the Minister of Economy and Planning.
  • Preparing the functions reports in the annual budget plan project that is submitted to the Ministry of Finance annually after collecting the data, using special forms, about the needs of the different sections of the university for the new financial years.
  • Preparing the five-year budget plan.
  • Coordinating with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Civil Service about the suggested jobs.
  • Preparing the official correspondences related to implementing the plan and its transactions.
  • Preparing a report about the current situation of the five-year plan.
  • Preparing the annual follow-up report according to the requirements of the Ministry of Economy and Planning and the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Preparing the periodical statistical report of the university manpower and students according to the forms of the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Providing technical support and information to the five-year plan standing committee.
  • Answering the questions (of the Ministry of Economy and Planning and the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Civil Service) that are related to jobs and plans.
  • Liaising with relevant government agencies on parallel levels to implement work plans.
  • Upgrading the organizational structure of the university in light of the decision issued by the university administration.
  • Studying and preparing the proposed jobs to be modified by demands of the different sectors of the university in the job report project.

Duties of the Follow-up Unit


Follow-up all the transactions that have not been done and prepare reports and submit them to the Administrator.