Providing legal and legal education , based on the applied method.


Leadership and excellence in legal and legal education, and work on the service of society, by preparing and preparing legal and jurists equipped with the skill of thinking and research, through the introduction of a high-quality application program in various branches of legal and legal knowledge.




1. The Faculty of Shari'a and Law at Tabuk University seeks to provide legal and legal education for the university and postgraduate studies to suit the needs and needs of the labor market in the fields of Sharia and law.

2. The College seeks to contribute actively to the dissemination and deepening of the legal and legal awareness and the consolidation of the values ??of justice that came under Islamic law.

3. Encouraging and promoting scientific and legal research to help solve societal problems.

4. Providing a work environment that motivates the faculty members to provide excellent scientific production for publication in specialized journals.

5. Contribute to the documentation of judicial decisions and provide assistance to judicial bodies.

6. Taking care of the Kingdom's systems and contemporary jurisprudential issues.7. Obtaining academic accreditation for the programs of the College from the prestigious national and international bodies.8. Interested in organizing conferences, seminars and seminars.