the strategic plan

About Collage

Vision, mission, values ??and  strategic objectives of College of Sharia and Law:
College Vision:
A distinguished faculty in the legal and legal education associated with the applied method contributes to the service of society.
College Message:
To provide distinguished university education for the graduation of legitimate and regular competencies equipped with knowledge, skills and abilities to meet the needs of the community and development projects in accordance with a distinct educational and administrative environment and supportive of scientific research.
Strategic values ??to be adopted by the College:
1 - Quality and Excellence: the application of quality standards in the field of learning and education; according to the educational environment and management excellence.
2 - Justice and work in the spirit of one team: treat all faculty members of students and faculty members and administrative in accordance with the principle of equality and equal opportunities.
3. Integrity and transparency: honesty and mutual trust between the college and its students, graduates and society.
4 - loyalty and belonging: deepen the affiliation to the homeland and the university students and employees.
5 - honesty and respect: loyalty to duty and commitment to the ethics of academic work and mutual respect between all employees and beneficiaries
6 - example and take responsibility: that the members of the faculty role models for their students morally and scientifically, to prepare a generation capable of taking responsibility for justice
7 - Social responsibility: Establishing a culture of humanitarian and volunteer work to serve the community
Strategic Objectives of the College of Sharia and Law:
   The Faculty of Shari'a and the Law of Tabuk has developed its strategic plan by identifying its location in terms of meeting the academic needs of the Tabuk region, and the position it wants to occupy in the future, and how will it reach this status?
The College leadership began to identify the participants in the strategic plan of the college, studying the strengths and weaknesses, challenges and opportunities, and the objectives of the Faculty of Sharia and Law. Then, the team involved in the preparation of the plan scrutinized the vision, mission and formulation of the objectives of the College and the strategies that will follow to achieve these objectives:
* Providing legal and formal education that meets the needs of the labor market.
* Support scientific research.
* Effective contribution to the service of society.
* Developing the administrative and administrative environment in the college.
* Developing the financial resources of the college.