Director's Message

The tremendous development witnessed in the past decades in the field of computer technology and information and the attendant development in the field of telecommunications and digital networks, which had the greatest impact on our daily lives in various fields. As a result, the Computer Science Department at the University of Tabuk (UoT) was established in response to these challenges and to develop concepts and theories related to all fields of knowledge related to computer science. The Department of Computer Science was the first department founded at the Faculty of Computers and Information Technology (FCIT) at the University of Tabuk which offers a bachelor's degree in computer science for male and female sections in the faculty. The study plan of Computer Science program accomplished by students covers many fields of knowledge needed by them to be qualified for the labor market in the different areas of Computer Science.

Computer Science Department aims to prepare a generation of graduates has a high level of analysis capabilities, design and innovation, being one of the necessary conditions to verify the employees in the software industry. To achieve these support section activities, scientific, cultural, student-centered in order to create an atmosphere of scientific competition between students, which will develop in their abilities and skills. The program offers a unique and suitable environment that qualifies the students to obtain a new knowledge in the field of computers and information science, through contact with persons of competence and experience in the field of computers and information technology, which supports knowledge in this field, in addition to technical and research skills for the study.


The department provide students with the scientific foundations in various areas of computing that contribute in presenting scientific and authentic solutions to serve multiple areas in the local community. When the study plan for the program is prepared, it was taken into consideration combining the theory and practicing. The department seeks through the process of development of the program plan to adopt global foundations and standards in developing and improving the study plan from specialized organizations in computing and information technology sciences  such as ACM \ IEEE standard. The CS program accredited from the Commission for Academic Accreditation for Science Engineering and Technology (ABET). Moreover, the department seeks to get local accreditation for the program through the Education Evaluation Commission-National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation formerly called National Commission for Academic Accreditation (NCAAA).


Dr. Wahid Rajeh

CS Chairman