Program Education objectives

  1. Provide graduates with a deep understanding and knowledge of Computer Science, in order to be engage in the productive practice of computer science to identify and solve significant problems across a broad range of application areas.
  2. Produce graduates who apply their computer science knowledge and skills for the overall benefit of a diverse society.
  3. Produce graduates who will enhance the economic well-being of both Tabuk area and the kingdom through a combination of technical expertise, leadership, and entrepreneurship.
  4. Prepare students for successful and productive careers as CS Professionals in both industry and government.
  5. Prepare graduates to have understanding and knowledge on ethical, legal, social and global policy issues in secured computer systems.
  6. Develop a good teamwork and communication to address society and organizational needs with professionalism.
  7. Prepare students to pursue graduate studies and for life-long learning in a rapidly evolving field.