About Deanship

The Deanship of Students' Affairs is basically concerned with securing an ideal university environment via providing varied services to male/female university students through its different units and departments.

Deanship’s Objectives
  • Refining the student’s character through extracurricular activities and creating an environment that promotes creativity and innovation .
  • Developing the level of the services presented to the students in addition to the developing the psychological, behavioral and social services to support the students academically.
  • Developing the required infrastructure to achieve the goals of the deanship in accordance with the amount of the activities, programs and services at the deanship.
  • Strengthening the national unity spirit.
  • Developing the true sense of patriotism in the students.
  • Enriching the knowledge of the students and encouraging them to research, read and create, and promoting honest competition between them.
  • Developing the character of the students through a variety of activity sources.
  • Promoting the objectives and the values of the university through a variety of different activities.
  • Implanting values such as cooperation, honesty, solidarity and diligence in the hearts and minds of the students.
  • Promoting dialog between the deanship and the students through a variety of activities and programs.
  • Using the free time in a beneficial way.
  • Discovering the talents and the abilities of the students and developing them in order to lead development at the university.
  • Taking care of the students monthly allowance and all the aspects related to it.
  • Solving problems related to the students’ monthly allowance Taking care of all that is related to the students special allowances and excellence awards.
  • Taking care of the allowances of the special needs students Taking care of the catering services that the students need during the day by providing them with healthy meals and drinks.
  • Providing students with safe means of transportation Helping the students’ families in acquiring transportation for their children to and from the university.
  • Following up on the allowances of the students who are studying abroad and also those who have scholarships from the university.