To offer modern comprehensive university academic programs, study plans, and curricula whose inputs and outputs meet modern scientific advances, academic accreditation benchmarks and competitive job market demands.  


   To support the academic departments to develop updated academic programs and study plans that utilize the latest techniques, academic accreditation benchmarks, and the National Development Plan through outstanding performance and positive cooperation between the Unit and other academic departments.

Code of Ethics

Professional environment







Strategic Objectives

1. Build the unit from within.

2. The development of study plans for academic programs offered by the  University.
3. Assess plans for academic programs offered by the University.
4. Provide academic departments with further procedures and regulations regarding the study plans.
5. Check the translation of study plans in the University's academic departments.
6. Follow-up computing study plans.
7. Prepare manuals, guides, forms, and tables needed to build study plans.
8. Develop awareness for the preparation and development of study plans.
9. Provide the Standing Committee with new developments in the area of curricula and study plans. 

Responsibilities of the Unit

1. Identify the positive experiences of local, regional and international universities and their integration into study plans and curriculum.

2. Setting the vision and message of the unit.
3. Formulation of the objectives of the unit.
4. Determine the core functions of the unit.
5. Develop a management structure to help achieve goals.
6. Determine the mechanism of communication with the colleges and academic departments.
7. A guide to building study plans.
8. Preparation of a manual of criteria for approving study plans.
9. Translation of evidence and documentation.
10. Configuring databases for college academic departments.
11. Workshops for the development of awareness of the preparation and development of study plans.
12. Provide academic departments in colleges of further plans regarding the study plans.
13. Follow-up translation of study plans for the college's academic departments.
14. Follow-up computing study plans for the college's academic departments.
15. Provide the Standing Committee with the curricula and study plans, including developments in the study plans.