Dean's Message



The higher education in any country represents the vehicle which leads the progress and development. It is the best way to achieve the prosperity and stability of the nation. The community college program is considered as an important alternative pattern for the higher education since they  provide multi educational options  and variations of training experience and they graduate proper intermediate technical proficiencies  and the training which meets the requirements of the development plans in the Saudi community and is suitable to the needs of the local market.

The Community College in Tabuk , with its two divisions (males/females),  is one of the first community colleges that were established in the Kingdom and it occupied a distinguished place by achieving the academic accreditation from the American Council of Education (COE).  We also aim at achieving the academic accreditation from the National Committee of Evaluation and Accreditation and prepare a graduate with high levels of proficiency and training that will be suitable for  the market needs of his area and  to be the bride of his institution and his country. 


Dean of Community College

Dr. Manssour Mohammed Habbash

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