Vision, Mission and Values



A faculty distinguished in education and research, renowned for the production and application knowledge


To offer a distinguished educational and research environment which contributes to preparing professionals in the fields of arts, humanities and education, who are equipped with skills and knowledge in order to contribute to sustainable development, and meet the community’s needs. 


In addition to the Islamic values, other values include:

Distinction and Quality

Creativity and Innovation


Community Commitment

Transparency and Accountability


Loyalty and Affiliation


Strategic Goals

First Strategic Goals: 

Offering distinctive programs in the fields of education and humanities that meet the labour market needs.

Second Strategic Goals: 

Conducting quality research in the fields of education and humanities.

Third Strategic Goals: 

Effective contribution to serving the community and the continuous education programs.

Fourth Strategic Goals: 

Developing the teaching and learning environment.

Fifth Strategic Goals: 

Developing the college administrative and organizational environment.