Dean's Message


The Dean’s Message

The Faculty of Education and Arts takes pride in the constructive contributions it carries out to raise the educational edifice of the University of Tabuk to high ranks, on the one hand, and in the remarkable successes it achieves for it activating the community serving mechanisms, on the other.

The Faculty of Education and Arts would not have achieved such bright goals, had it not been for the several coordinated factors intended to promote a good educational climate and an appropriate social environment. Among these most prominent factors comes to the forefront the fact that the Faculty of Education and Arts is home for a large group of qualified scholars and specialized faculty members of various sciences and schools of knowledge. They all represent a bright group shining in the sky of the Faculty Educational process. Likewise, the Faculty of Education and Arts is home for the largest student population at the University that is distributed in over eight specialized departments; each of them contributes in accordance with the specialty field he has chosen, thereby, at the graduation time, students harvest the nicest fruits of knowledge and experience.

Having said so, it should be noted that the Faculty of Education and Arts delivers a large set of various study programmes, whether at the Bachelor level or the Masters level, in addition to it hosting many programmes which serve the local community as these programmes have effective impact on the student and the community alike.

Preserving the Arabic Islamic cultural identity and implanting its principles in the minds and hearts of the male and female students of the University, at an age whereby all its doors are widely open to one another, is indeed a substantial responsibility which the Faculty of Education and Arts shoulders the biggest share of it in coordination with its various Human Studies Departments.

In this regard, the Faculty of Education and Arts does not resign to a passing success or a relaxed effect. Rather it aims at achieving the highest degrees of quality and distinction whether in research, teaching or community services. To achieve all this, the Faculty Administration assigns the highest priority to the Programmes of Quality and International Academic Accreditation. 

May Allah grant us success to do what He likes and what pleases Him and to grant us guidance and the sense of perfection.

Dr. Mohammad Majid Albilaihshy