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We Believe That The Faculty Members Of The University, Especially The University College In The Field, Are Offering A Proposal Commensurate With The Environmental Characteristics Of The Field To Achieve The Vision Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia 2030, The Goals Of The University And The Consolidation Of The University's Mission Regarding Social Interaction, Participation In Finding Possible Solutions To Community Issues And Interest In The Environment. Hence, We Are Enriching Community Interaction And Raising It To The .Objectives Of Applied Scientific Research To Which The University Aspires


Word of The Director

Praise be to Allah, who taught by the pen, taught man what he did not know, and prayers and peace be upon the teacher of nations and the giver of inspiration, and upon his family and companions, and peace be upon him.

Environmental experts agree that the current environmental problems that require urgent solutions and treatments are many, thorny and complex, especially environmental pollution with various types of pollutants. Proper human behavior as the main factor that determines the manner and method of human interaction, individually and collectively, with it, and the exploitation of its resources, as pollution has become one of the most important dangers threatening the environment, because of the harm it causes to human life, life and human activities, or to civilizational gains. The primary resources of the individual and society, And the university's belief in achieving the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, and what the university in general and the Environmental Studies Unit at the University College in Haql seek in particular in the service and preservation of the environment, and in consolidation of the university's mission towards community interaction and participation in finding possible solutions to its environmental issues, raising the level of environmental awareness and promoting The concept of sustainable development, in proportion to the environmental characteristics of Haql Governorate and its advancement..


Excellence In The Field Of Environmental Studies And Research Within The Framework Of Conservation And Protection Of The Environment 


The Unit Aims To Conduct Environmental Studiess, Organise Training Courses And Establish A Link Between Students, Researchers And Institutions Interested In Environmental Science Research In The Region, The Unit Also Aspires To Promote Public Debate And Awareness Of Important Environmental Issues, And To Assist Decision Makers In Solving Problems And Making The Right Decisions


*Conduct Studies And Prepare Strategic Reports On Local, Regional And Global Environmental Issues Form Strategic Partnerships With Other Universities, Research Centres And Institutions
 With The Same .Vision, Mission And Interests
*Organising Training Programmes And Workshops To Develop National Competencies In The .Environmental Field 
*Spread Environmental Awareness In The Community 
*Providing Studies And Laboratory Services To The Public And Private Sectors 
*Developing The Capacity Of The Center On Self-Financing 
*Organize Training Programs And Workshops To Develop National Competencies In The Field Of .Environment 
*Excellence In The Field Of Environmental Studies And Research Within The Framework Of Conservation And Protection Of The Environment

Dr. Mazen atiah AL Solami

​Unit Supervisor