Templates and Forms

SNCS Research Center supports a wide range of research and development projects in the area wireless communication. It encourages well established national and international researchers who have a strong record of achievements to submit proposals for funding. The Center also welcomes mutually beneficial partnerships and cooperation with entities that share the same mission in Saudi and abroad.

There are three major steps towards the sponsorship of projects:

Step 1: Completion of the Project Screening Form (See Form 1 below). Based on the information provided, SNCS will decide whether a formal proposed should be submitted

Step 2: Completion of the Project Proposal Form (See Form 2 below). The researcher(s) who submitted a preliminary proposal that successfully completed step 1 will be invited to file a formal proposal using the Project Proposal Form

Step 3: The researcher(s) of a proposal that successfully completed step 2 will be required to sign a Contract


Process for project funding:

Form 0 - Process for Project Funding

Application forms:

Form 1 - Project Proposal Screening

Form 2 - Project Proposal

Forms to be completed by PIs of ongoing projects:

Form 3 - Project Goals and Deliverables

Form 4 - Project Performance Report

 Forms to be completed by SNCS:

Form 5 - Project Performance Assessment