Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have quickly become of great interest to the scientific community for the many benefits they offer and applications they span. Their appeal stems primarily from their low cost of operation, low power consumption, and autonomous monitoring capability. Further, this interest was especially motivated by the efforts of working groups in the IEEE and other organizations that led to the development of standards for sensors. Successful applications of WSNs have been reported in many areas especially energy, environment, agriculture, health, security, robotics, industrial automation, and urban development.

SNCS Research Center conducts research and development work on both the creation of technologies in the area of WSNs as well as their applications especially in areas of interest to the Saudi society.



Dr. Sami S. Al-Wakeel

Dr. el-Hadi M. Aggoune

Dr. Mohammed Ilyas

Dr. Bruce Lusignan

Ongoing Projects

RFID and Sensor Networks for Healthcare

Network Development to Monitor Sustainable Forestry and Agriculture