Cellular Systems

Wireless communication networks (WCNs) include cellular telephony, wireless LANs and WANs, satellite systems, and ad hoc wireless networks. By far, the fastest growing segment has been the cellular telephone. WCNs are positioned to allow multimedia communication from anywhere across the globe using heterogeneous computing devices and platforms. WCNs will also be positioned to enable new capabilities for WSNs such as self-awareness, reconfiguration, and adaptability.

SNCS Research Center conducts research and development work in both the creation of technologies in the area of WCNs as well as their applications especially in areas of interest to the Saudi society.



Dr. Raed Meslih

Dr. Salama Ikki

Dr. Ali Mansour

Dr. Mohammed M. Al-Wakeel

Dr. Sami S. Al-Wakeel

Dr. Billal Abuhaija

Dr. el-Hadi M. Aggoune

Dr. Emad Mahgoub

Dr. Valentino Aalo

Dr. Bassem Alhalabi

Dr. Ankur Agarwal

Ongoing Projects

Spatial Modulation for Multihop Wireless Networks

Statistical Broadcast for VANET

Performance Study of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks with Cognitive Multihop Relay Transmission

Advanced RFID/Cellular Hadjj Directory System (ARCHD)


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A  General Framework for Performance Analysis of Space Shift Keying (SSK) Modulation in the Presence of Gaussian Imperfect Estimations, IEEE ICC'12 Ottawa, Canada, Accepted

Space Shift Keying with Amplify and Forward MIMO Relaying, IEEE Transaction on Communication, Submitted

Effect of Beacon Interval on the Performance of Wireless Multi-Hop Broadcast Protocols in VANET, ICC'12, Submitted