Dear students, 

Welcome to the Deanship of Students Affairs community. I am happy that you join us and will become a member of the UT Family! The University of Tabuk and the Deanship of Students Affairs are your partners in your journey of seeking knowledge and successes, we look forward to assist you along this journey. We are keen to support you during this journey. 


Compering to other Deanships the Deanship of Student Affairs have varies role, as it is being in immediate interaction with both students and to the local community. Its programs are designed to meet the expectations of the individual student. addition, it is intended to build student’s personality at all levels; physically, mentally, socially and psychologically to prepare him/her to be an active leader thus achieves the principle of good citizenship, and to face life challenges with a composed confident personality and to contributes to academic and personal success, encourages independent civic responsibility, and promotes the welfare of all students.


The deanship is the host of all students' activities were all the facilities are made available to students. The deanship maintains continuous connection and interaction with students. It receives students' feedback about various services at the university and strives to improve such services.

فيديو تعريفي بعمادة شؤون الطلاب